#5 Printworks

The Press is made up of 66 New York-inspired apartments and townhouses, situated in the luxe new district of N.O.M.A. This up-and-coming district is known for its business and entertainment developments andmerges antiquated 20th century buildings with contemporary and visionary architecture. The Press could not be more central; but a few moments’ walk from Victoria Train Station and several more to the busy city centre. Residents do not have to travel far to reach some of Manchester’s best shops, such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Arndale Shopping centre, Louis Vuitton and many more. And the same can be said for its proximity to Manchester’s coolest cluster of bars- The Northern Quarter. Born from the skeleton of a gorgeous Grade II-listed building, The Press blends the old with the new, retaining its timeless open-brick walls whilst opting for stylish and modern furniture. Residents are therefore invited to create their own future, in a magnificent relic of Manchester’s industrial past.